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Black Coral is a gemstone associated with various meanings such as “Attract a good match”, “Extract latent potential”, “Overcome adversity”, “Make dreams come true” and to be a “Talisman against evil” – One can choose to believe in such things or not, but we believe that our Black Coral pearls (and a lot of hard work) will help us on our way.

Our Team

Through decades of experience in the world of fuel and shipping, we know what is required to keep the vessels moving in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We are a small lean dynamic team with a setup, which enables us to focus on the right things ….. You and the team that serves you.

Silvia Ballestra

Office Administrator

Mobile: +33 6 07 93 30 03

Email, Skype & Teams:

Mark Churchill

Bunker Trader & Yacht Manager

Mobile: +1 (954) 551-4504

Email, Skype & Teams:

Nuno Manaia

Senior Bunker Trader

Mobile: +33 6 43 91 92 87

Email, Skype & Teams:

Panteleimon (Dennis) Papachristodoulou

Bunker Trader

Mobile: +33 6 43 91 06 27

Email, Skype & Teams:


Managing Partner

Mobile: +33 6 80 86 85 80

Email, Skype & Teams:

Jesper M. Christensen

Managing Partner

Mobile: +33 6 80 86 60 70

Email, Skype & Teams:

Thor Knappe

Non-Executive Board Member

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Monaco (Main Office):

“Palais Hirondelles”

15 rue Princesse Antoinette

98000 Monaco


66 West Flagler Street

Suite 900

33130 Miami

United States