BlackCoral Energy

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We are ideally placed in Monaco and Ft. Lauderdale/Miami to serve the busy yachting areas of the Mediterranean, especially France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Monaco, on one side of the Atlantic and the Caribbean plus the East Coast of the US on the other side.

However, due to our experience from the merchant ships we thrive on fuel and lube requirements for yachts all over the world.

We are available 24/7 to ensure that your yacht receives exactly what is needed at the time agreed. The Owner, guests or charterers cannot be delayed for one minute and we will help to make the fuelling “invisible”. 

Let us make your fuelling process easy and transparent.

One point of contact – 24/7

We deliver high-quality fuel and lubricants in larger ports, smaller marinas and anchorage areas all over the world. We also supply Jet A1 for the yacht’s helicopter.


Your professional partner for yacht fuels & lubes